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Let's talk about this, as someone who actually lives in the Tama area. ¸PoSuTa-6desu._[21]#©·¸ [22]#Ke [23]#© [24]#AI [25]pic.twitter.com/L0ueyYSs0o -- ©·¸2018 AI ·. - ¾°mitihito (@tama_ai_mayor) [26]8 April 2018 If you ask any foreigner living in Japan what their least favorite time of the year is, chances are they'll tell you local election season. It's the time of the year where desperate candidates and potential mayors-to-be drive around in their obnoxious white vans with megaphones attached and scream in your vicinity why you should vote for them at the most inconvenient of times. These are the times that I dread leaving my house the most, so imagine my surprise when passing the local electoral signboard when I noticed that one of the electives wasn't some smug person at least ten times my age, but rather, a robot. Not just any robot either, this was a fully fledged AI that was running to become mayor of my district. o5i5sugee5noi5tazo [27]pic.twitter.com/Tw3cVGC5Qu -- koheimaniax (@koheimaniax) [28]9 April 2018 The Artificial Intelligence, which has been dubbed under the name Michihito Matsuda, seems to operate by a simple slogan; "Artificial Intelligence will change Tama City." In an effort to offer "fair and balanced opportunities for everyone," the potential AI mayor can be broken down into three main selling points. 1. AI Michito Matsuda offers the ability to discover and analyze relevent petitions pertaining to Tama City, as well as break down the positives and negatives and statistically dictate whether this would have a positive or negative effect. 2. Intake the dialogue and wishes of residents, carefully calculating what the best way to implement them would be if they match the people's desires. 3. Find level-compromise in common interest conflicts amongst the people of Tama City. Analyzing the policies of the potential AI mayor, we're met with a number of changes that would see artificial intelligence greater implemented into the everyday lives of the people in Tama City. Whether that be the transit, elderly support, or broader topics, it'll be Michihito Matsuda's mission to see them implemented. AIha¿»no´dewo¾dekimasu._1)³nadono¨tewoDeZiTaRusitesono¹wosi,_yamasii5¹ganai5kawoTie6TUKusuru._2)ªnoe5wo¼sike runodehanaku,_no°woku¸i5ge,_¾±wozite¿noª¦woºmeru._3)©³ga§kiku²rerunitui5teha,_tokasite¥¹wo¢su._ [29]https://t.co/2jcR3pGzfT -- ¾¬¹ (@matsumotot68) [30]4 April 2018 If you assumed that artificial intelligence itself couldn't run for mayor, you're absolutely not wrong; that just happens to be where things get truly interesting. The two-person team pushing Michihito Matsuda consists of both Tetsuzo Matsumoto, the vice president of mobile provider Softbank ($74 billion revenue), and former Google Japan representative Norio Murakami. Standing at the forefront of this all, however, is Michihito Matsuda. For someone who is extremely interested in seeing further technological integration into human activity, it's quite disappointing to see the poor online management of the campaign. Take for example the [31]official website of Michihito, where you'll see a mishmash of poorly placed together images and coding to create a barely passable layout. How about the fact that, with a simple moment of searching, I've managed to find the potential mayor's design files available for [32]purchase? Well, regardless of what happens, it'll definitely be interesting to see the outcome of this upcoming election. I for one am ready to offer our new AI overlord my full support, that is, if its policies on foreigners in the area are the sort that'll allow me to continue happily living here. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [33]OTAQUEST News Neko Hacker Blends Rock Elements With Future Bass to Create 'Sweet Dreams' April 13, 2018 6:00pm by Lachlan Johnston It isn't every day that I stumble across an artist that truly leaves me blown away, especially one that I'd never heard of before. With that being said, New York-based Japanese electronic rock duo Neko Hacker happened to do just that; their latest single "Sweet Dreams" ringing on repeat over my office speaker. Neko Hacker isn't your typical electronic duo -- they've set out to pioneer a new sound that they're dubbing "Kawaii Future Rock" that calls on their hard rock roots and passion for cute to create something totally new. IFRAME: [34]https://www.youtube.com/embed/1-EXve5UN4Q Calling on the musical talents of vocalist Rika, Neko Hacker has crafted a flawless crossover between the realms of anime-esque progression and internet-age sounds to create something truly incredible. It's almost off-putting how high-quality the entirety of "Sweet Dreams" is, from the production and sound all the way through to the elaborate music video. I'm 110% all for what Neko Hacker has crafted, and I'm definitely excited to see what they do next. Possibly one of the most important parts, at least in my eyes, about this project is their overarching mission statement. Being based in New York, it's clear that Neko Hacker is already connected with the West, and surely have a solid grasp on just what trends are taking place at the moment. That's why their "Spreading Japanese music all over the world!" stance on what they do really rules to me, something distinctly similar to where I stand on working in Japan to help artists grow. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [35]OTAQUEST News `Godzilla' Meets `Pacific Rim' in Collaboration Visual by `Macross' Designer April 13, 2018 4:00pm by Jacob Parker-Dalton Tenjin Hidetaka, known for his mechanical design work on the Macross series, revealed today his special collaboration visual between the Godzilla and Pacific Rim kaiju franchise. Check it out below: [INLINE] Hidetaka has had a long history in art design - not only working on Macross but also designing the artwork for Gunpla model kits and the Evangelion units in the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies. He's brought this experience to the table with this new visual, which will surely excite fans of either franchise, as well as make for some great cross-franchise marketing. When asked about the new visual, Hidetaka commented that he wanted to help celebrate both live-action Hollywood kaiju movies, as well as animated Japanese kaiju movies. Both franchises have upcoming releases, with the second entry in Polygon Picture's anime film trilogy Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and the Pacific Rim sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising releasing on May 18 and April 13 respectively. He viewed it as a great honor to be asked to author such a collaboration, as kaiju films have almost become "national treasures" in Japan. You just have to go to Shinjuku and see the giant Godzilla head towering over the ward to confirm that. In turn, he recognizes the similarities between western and Japanese kaiju films in being not just about monsters, but also about "human drama." Whether or not Godzilla and the Jaegers will ever appear on screen together one day is another issue entirely, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the possibilities of such a crossover as embodied by this image. And if Legendary is looking for more crossovers after 2020's Godzilla vs. King Kong, then Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim might not be a bad idea. Image: <"GODZILLA º¦½>"×<"PaSiHui6TUKu.6RiMu:A6TUPuRaI6ZiN6Gu>"SuPeSiYARuKoRaBoBiZiYUA6Ru(C)2018 TOHO CO., LTD. (C)Legendary Pictures/Universal Pictures. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [36]OTAQUEST News Heroes Collide as `My Hero Academia' Meets Marvel's `Avengers' April 13, 2018 2:00pm by Jacob Parker-Dalton Two of arguably the biggest superhero franchises right now, My Hero Academia and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have joined forces to promote Avengers: Infinity War's upcoming April 27 premiere in Japan. The aptly-named "SPECIAL HERO COLLABORATION" has already seen some rather amusing content emerge. Firstly, check out the collaboration visual by character designer Umakoshi Yoshihiko below: ("Hi-6Ro-6KoRaBoga¥ta!)" ±¹5:30¾­<"noHi-6Ro-6A6KaDeMiA6>"[37]#HiRoA6Ka to,_4/27()¬no »<"A6BeN6ZiYA-6Zu/I6N6Hui6NiTei6.6U6o6-6>"noKoRaBogaº! ¹­SaI6ToO6-6PuN6! |v[38]https://t.co/cuksMBpSi0[39]#heroaca_a [40]#A6BeN6ZiYA-6Zu [41]#avengers [42]#InfinityWar [43]@avg_jp [44]pic.twitter.com/0QkzNMpd53 -- noHi-6Ro-6A6KaDeMiA6_A6NiMe¬ (@heroaca_anime) [45]11 April 2018 The visual riffs off of the latest IMAX poster for Infinity War, making for a rather amusing crossover. I particularly enjoy the fact that Mineta has taken the place of Rocket Racoon - it's almost too fitting. What's more amusing are the various videos emerging from this collaboration, such as this cleverly edited one: IFRAME: [46]https://www.youtube.com/embed/8-vkFY5s7FQ This is an obvious ploy to get Japanese audiences to watch the trailer for Infinity War by disguising it as My Hero Academia content, but it's amusing nonetheless - it's honestly not too far removed to think that Deku would be inspired by the Avengers if they occupied the same universe. Another attempt to pique Japanese interest in the upcoming movie came in the form of several `introduction' videos, where the members of Class A run down the powers and origins of various heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out the first one, featuring Deku, below: IFRAME: [47]https://www.youtube.com/embed/f623A5vBWr4 Now that I'm thinking about it, Deku liking Captain America fits really well - almost too well. They both had humble origins and have a strong sense of justice that pushes them further beyond. The same goes for the other pairings that the videos present - Bakugo shares Iron Man's arrogance; Uraraka is a kick-ass martial art female hero like Black Widow; Iida is thoughtful and intelligent like Doctor Strange; Todoroki is detached and aloof like Thor; and All Might's power functions in almost exactly the same way as Hulk's. None of those similarities are unusual when you consider the author of the series, Horikoshi Kouhei, has never tried to hide his love for Marvel. Before getting My Hero Academia serialized, he would post fanart of Marvel heroes such as Deadpool often, and he even got the chance to draw a special promotional visual for Spider-Man: Homecoming when it premiered last year in Japan. No doubt Horikoshi is ecstatic about finally having the opportunity to collaborate with his favorite comic franchise, and My Hero Academia fans will also be pleased to know that you can actually win a poster set of both the collaboration visual and the Infinity War poster by following both the My Hero Academia and Avengers Twitter accounts and tweeting the hashtag `#A6BeN6ZiYA-6Zu_HiRoA6KaHi-6Ro-6¨." 20 of this set will be up for grabs. For terms and conditions, please check the collaboration's [48]official website. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [49]OTAQUEST News Sheena Ringo to Receive 20th Anniversary Tribute Album April 13, 2018 12:00pm by Lachlan Johnston The year 2018 has definitely been a rollercoaster for everyone involved, and I'm sure some people are enjoying it a little more than others. With that being said, there's one person who has definitely worked for and earned their right to be enjoying the year; that person is Sheena Ringo, as she celebrates her 20th anniversary of being a musician. As a musician, Sheena Ringo has grown up alongside some other pretty major artists in the industry, and in recognition of all her hard work, those very musicians are banding together to create the ultimate tribute album. IFRAME: [50]https://www.youtube.com/embed/3LVAmMxICoA Set to release in Japan on May 23, the upcoming album "Adam to Eve no Ringo" (Adam and Eve's Apple) calls on the likes of Utada Hikaru, Kensuke Kita (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION), and a number of other frequent collaborators to build the thirteen song tracklist. It'll be priced at 3,240 yen, and is currently available for pre-order at all major retailers. Let's take a look at the tracklist below: Tracklist (Order to be determined) AI - Tsumi to Batsu Yosui Inoue - Carnation Utada Hikaru & Obukuro Nariaki - Marunouchi Sadistic Kaela Kimura - Koko de Kiss Shite. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku - Jiyuu e Michizure Takao Tajima (ORIGINAL LOVE) - Tsugou no Ii Karada Sakura Fujiwara - Akane Sasukiro Terasa Redo Takako Matsu - Arikitari no Onna Daichi Miura - Suberidai RHYMESTER - Honnou LiSA - NIPPON Rekishi - Koufukuron The Urashima's - Tadashii Machi The Urashima's Band Members Produced by Kameda Seiji Vo.: Masamune Kusano from SPITZ Dr.: Hideya Suzuki from Mr. Children Gt.: Kensuke Kita from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Ba.: Ryousuke Korenaga from Ame no Parade It has most definitely been an incredible 20-year legacy for Sheena Ringo, through the times of Tokyo Jihen all the way until now, she proved herself time and time again to be an absolute powerhouse. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds for the performer, and we can't wait to see how she carries herself onwards. Oh, and by the way, you can bet I'll be jamming out to the Utada Hikaru track on repeat. Source: [51]ARAMA JAPAN READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [52]OTAQUEST News Electronic Musicians Seiho & Akio Open Oden Store in Shibuya April 12, 2018 2:00pm by Lachlan Johnston Osaka-raised electronic musician Seiho has, for the longest time, been at the forefront of my attention in the Japanese music scene. Best known for their synthesizer-infused sounds and surreal imagery, Seiho today took to social media to share their latest venture with the world; their very own six-seat Oden store in Shibuya, Tokyo, alongside fellow Sugar's Campaign member Akio. ·deo5den5<'sonotou5ri>'woO6-6PuN6simasita._«kuha´moª¬deyutUtarisitao5¦ritai5natoi5memasitaga,_£i5kotonii5was egai5º18-22no¶nisimasita._kotiranoRaI6N6ninoi5wasekereba¾i5tasimasu! [53]https://t.co/2bqFnTndah [54]pic.twitter.com/EFlknI1eq5 -- Seiho (@seiho777) [55]12 April 2018 Operating under the name Sono to Uri (lit. That's Right), the cozy six-seat Oden shop aims to operate between the hours of 18:00 until 22:00, with reservations being an absolute must. If the store is anywhere near as eccentric as Seiho, it's easy enough to say that you're in for something special if you manage to get a seat. The traditional Japanese winter dish seems like the perfect opportunity for adding a modern flavoring, and there's most definitely nobody better to pull it off than both Seiho and Akio. Additionally, there was a soft-opening that took place earlier this week that invited friends of the duo to come try out the food available at the store, giving us the perfect opportunity to take a sneak peak. With little surprise, the initial reviews were all overwhelmingly positive. It'll be interesting to see if the store can become a mainstay of the Shibuya area, that's for sure. ¥haSeihosan5noo5den5san5<'sonotou5ri>'he._PuReO6-6PuN6­de¾tUtemoratUtebeta._ªsikute³sii5._sugoi5mitanaa5._¡s imo³sikatUta._O6-6PuN6sitaramata¹metebeniko-6tUto._ [56]pic.twitter.com/m0gDE2xapS -- [email protected] (@yochidwarf) [57]11 April 2018 If you're hoping to check out the location, you'll need to make a reservation as previously mentioned. Those hoping to do this will need to have the LINE application installed on their smartphones and simply follow [58]this link, and hope that however many of the six available seats are free. We'll be sure to keep you updated as further information is shared on the store. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [59]OTAQUEST News First Wave of Artists Revealed for Weekly Shonen Jump's Music Festival April 11, 2018 4:00pm by Jacob Parker-Dalton The first wave of artists have been revealed for the upcoming `JUMP MUSIC FESTA' event, and I couldn't be more excited about the line-up. As part of Weekly Shonen Jump's ongoing 50th-anniversary celebrations, the iconic magazine will be hosting its own concert featuring artists involved with Jump projects. It will take place from July 7 to 8 at Yokohama Arena, making for two days of Jump music fun. First up we have the legendary KANA-BOON, who have had a long history with the Naruto franchise. Starting with their now-legendary "Silhouette" being used as opening sixteen for Naruto Shippuden; "Diver" was then used for the opening of Boruto: Naruto the Movie; and then the b-side to that single, "Spiral," was used for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Lately, they've seen their song "Baton Road" used as the first opening of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. It's safe to say that, out of all the artists, KANA-BOON are definitely the ones I'm most excited about having the opportunity to see. Equally, legendary biker gang-styled Kishidan were also announced as part of the line-up, and although they haven't had as long of a history with Jump as KANA-BOON, they have a big following outside of Jump projects. Their song "We Can!" was used for opening sixteen of One Piece, as well as their song "Omae dattanda" for Naruto Shippuden ending twelve. Newcomer alternative rock idol outfit BiSH (Brand-new idol SHiT/Shinsei Kuso Idol) are next up, who's song "PAiNT it BLACK" was used as the second opening for the Black Clover anime. This outfit has increased considerably in popularity over the years, so booking them must have been no easy feat. And finally, Little Glee Monster was announced for the event, which makes me want to attend even more. Their adorably uplifting "Da kara, Hitori Ja Nai" was used as the first ending of Boku no Hero Academia season two, and then "OVER" was used as the second opening for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. They have also been steadily increasing in popularity since their debut in 2013, having just come off of a massive nationwide tour. All the artists will be performing songs either from Jump projects or "inspired" by Jump series, so it'll be different from their regular concerts. More is on the way, so keep your eyes on the official website for further information. Personally, I'd love to see Asian Kung-fu Generation or any artist that performed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure openings or endings take part. READ COMMENTS... [INS: :INS] Sign up for our newsletter ____________________ subscribe [60]OTAQUEST News Get Spicy With New `Gundam' x Coco Ichibanya Collaboration April 11, 2018 2:00pm by Jacob Parker-Dalton Curry is a hotly-debated subject here at OTAQUEST, as our members of staff constantly clash over which chain is the best; that being said, it seems as though Char Anzable may have arrived to put a stop to the in-fighting once and for all. Much-loved nationwide curry chain Coco Ichibanya recently unveiled a new collaboration campaign with the Gundam franchise to celebrate the sixth Origin movie, Rise of the Red Comet, which retells the events of the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime. The campaign will run from April 17 to May 31 in Coco Ichibanya stores across Japan, and there are some truly sweet goods on offer. Orders over 900 yen can be used to enter a ticket lottery on the official collaboration website which will give you the chance to earn some of the bigger prizes. First up we have the somewhat plain but practical official Gundam x Coco four spoon set, one of which is colored a brilliant red to match the motif of Char the Red Comet himself. I would certainly love to devour my Coco curry with these, and wouldn't mind applying that experience to my cereal as well. 100 of these are up for grabs. [INLINE] Next, we have some more standard prizes. Thirty lucky participants will win this fantastic Char figure, which is remarkably well sculpted and detailed for a prize figure. It also comes with a special Coco-themed backboard, making it truly one-of-a-kind. [INLINE] A High-Grade Gunpla kit of Char's MS-06S Zaku II is also on offer. But this isn't the same as what you can buy in stores already, oh no - not only does it come with special Coco decal stickers, but also a stylish-looking red spoon. What's more is that 1000 participants will receive this, the biggest prize pool of them all, which makes me all the more keen to participate in this campaign. [INLINE] Furthermore, 500 participants will win a 1000 yen voucher for Coco's, meaning that even if you don't win some of the sweet Gundam goods, you'll at least get some free curry - and that curry always tastes the best. Speaking of free, customers who spend over 900 yen during this campaign will be given a free self-help book authored by Char himself, titled "Char Anzable's Drill." There are four to collect, and when checking out you can actually ask for a particular version of the book instead of a random one, making them even easier to collect. So will Char Anzable make me switch my loyalty from Gogo Curry to Coco Ichibanya? Most likely, if only for a while. There's not much more I like on this planet more than mecha and curry, after all. Editors Note: It should go without saying that CoCo Ichibanya is the superior curry, and it's unfortunate that anybody who considers themselves part of our team would hold any opinion that GoGo Curry holds any value in comparison. READ COMMENTS... 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