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Paste created successfully! ____________________ Please note that the above URL can only be used once, as it will be deleted after being displayed. [1]NCrypt v0.7.61 - Giving you the power to encrypt your information [2]Home [3]About [4]Contact [5]Ruby CLI script [6]Sourcecode [7]Donate to NCrypt Enter password: ____________________ [BUTTON Input] (not implemented)______ Enter key to decrypt: ____________________ [BUTTON Input] (not implemented)_______ Formatting: [ Plain Text___________] Please note, that pasting a large amount of text may cause your browser to hang while encryption/decryption occurs. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Expire in [a week_______] | Assign password [ ] ____________________ [BUTTON Input] (not implemented)___________ [BUTTON Input] (not implemented)_________________ New Clone Save as Show hex [ ] [ ] [ ] [base16-dark____________] NCrypt relies entirely on JavaScript support to function. Enable JavaScript in order to use NCrypt. 2018 ncry.pt cD [8]Contact References Visible links 1. https://ncry.pt/ 2. https://ncry.pt/ 3. https://ncry.pt/about 4. mailto:[email protected] 5. https://ncry.pt/ncrypt 6. https://github.com/luggs-co/ncrypt 7. bitcoin:1NCryptNq4dKQmgU1RUqBhvVy7NtXgbY4v 8. mailto:[email protected] Hidden links: 10. https://ncry.pt/p/CENn

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