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[1]Nifty Erotic Stories Archive [2]Dick Dorm Nifty Archive Story [3]back [4]save Nifty - Gay - Incest - Skinny Dipping With Little Brother - Skinny Dipping With Little Brother 1 Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 17:11:51 -0700 (PDT) From: milo emit <miloemit@yahoo.com> Subject: Skinny Dipping with Little Brother pt 1 Let me tell you about my little brother. He was 6 and I was 13. He was the fourth child in the family and a pest to me. Being the oldest he latched himself to me wanting to be where ever I was. I guess I wasn't really mean to him but not all the nice either. I liked the little kid but I was 13 and didn't have time for the little pest. He was a cute skinny thing like most boys in the early fifties. I guess in a way he looked just like I did at that age. It was 1952 and young boys still had swimming holes that they could go skinny dipping and no one cared. I had a very privet special place that few new about. My neighbor and I and a couple other boys swam there often in the summer. It was hard to find the hidden path to it. My neighbor was a couple years older and my teacher also when came to sex. One very hot day I was headed for the swimming hole alone. Everyone else was busy doing something else. At least I would be alone and cool in the shade of the big trees and cool water. My mom was headed for work and all at once I was stuck with my little brother. I didn't have much choice so I swore him to secrecy and we headed for the swimming hole. Not even our parents knew about this place. We lived in the country in Indiana and it wasn't that far from our home. My little brother really liked the place. I quickly striped down and jumped in. My little brother Mike started wining he didn't want to swim necked. I told him he could just stay on shore or swim in his underwear. I think he just didn't know how to swim and that is why he was reluctant. When I told him I would help him from going under he striped down and inched into the cool water. I had seen him necked often since he and my middle brother and I shared a bedroom, but I had never really looked at him. He had a cute tight body with brown hair and hazel eyes like I had. When he sucked in his breath as he entered the water I could see the outline of his ribs and his sunken stomach. His little dick wasn't hard but sticking straight out in from of him. His little balls were pulled right up tight. I told him to turn around and I wrapped my arms around him and floated back into the deeper water. I don't think he weight 50 lbs. The only thing bigger and cuter than the dimples in his cheeks was his dimples little ass. Mike started giggling and I told him to lay still if he didn't want to drown. I was just starting to take an interest in younger boys and all at once I realized I had a little prize in my arms and could have some fun. I never threatened my little brother but knew he would keep his mouth shut about anything I did. Well maybe I did threaten him a little. My dick got hard and was poking him in the leg and butt. Mike reached around and grabbed it. All at once his expression changed and he wanted to know what he had in his hand. We stood in shallow water and Mike was really curious about my dick sticking out at him. \ I had a nice five inch cut dick with a fat helmet shaped head. My dick was and still is more flat than round and has no bend but straight as an arrow. My opening is more of a slit than a round hole like some. Mike had a death grip on it inspecting it all over even inspecting my balls. He was quite and kept looking at me with a big smile. I looked at his little dick and found a hard nearly two inches with a tiny little sack pulled up tight. His dick was a smaller image of mine even with the small darker almost brown birth mark near the opening. I gently grabbed it stroking it with my fingers. Mike jerked away saying it was tickling. I turned him loose but he kept holding my dick. His touch was bringing me close so I pulled away and picked him up and carried him to shore. I laid him on the grassy area of the beach. It was a thick grass and moss that felt like a bed. Jimmy and I, my neighbor, had laid on it many time and enjoyed each other. I laid Mike down with his legs sprawled wide open. He ask what I was going to do. I didn't answer him I just went right to his hard little spike and started to suck him off. At first he squirmed around like he wanted me to stop then he got all calm and quite. I could feel his body start to tense and quiver. I looked up at him and he had a big smile on his face. I ask if he like it and he just nodded a yes and gave me a big toothless grin. I said good now do it to me. I never seen a kid so eager. I'm sure it was just to please his older brother and also this was a new fun game for him and not many people found time to play with him. He was between my legs before I had a change to lay down. He looked at my dick watching it bob up and down. He was on his hands and knees and leaned down and tried to take the whole five inches in all at once. I think he almost succeeded because I felt my dick head pass through a tight place. I felt more than seen him gage then jerk back up. Tears were running down his face and saliva poring out his mouth. I though he was going to puke all over me. He wiped his mouth and giggled saying he though he had taken to much. I couldn't believe my little brother just tried to suck my dick. I was swimming in pleasure. I told him to wrap his hand around it so he didn't go down to far and to watch his teeth what few he had. He did what I said. His little hand went around my shaft and his mouth came down over my dick. He kept his mouth open till the head touched his throat opening causing him to gage a little then he closed his mouth. His teeth touched the shaft but he quickly pulled them back. At first he just kept his mouth there. Then I felt his tongue start to move around then his head started to bob up and down mimicking what I did to him. I told him he was doing good and not to stop no matter what happened if he wanted to go swimming with me again. He really got into sucking. Moving his mouth all around really having fun playing with his big brother. I know he had no idea what was about to happen. An older boy shot cum into my mouth when I was 11 and I hated it. I though if I did it to my brother he wouldn't want to hang out with me anymore. I was getting close and told him in a very gruff voice that something was about to happen and he better not pull off till I told him so or he would be in big trouble. He was easily threatened to do what I wanted him to do so I figured he wouldn't pull away when I shot off. I was a big shooter and usually could shoot off at least two or three big volleys before the rest just oozed out. Mike's mouth was stretched around my dick and he had a fun look on him when all of a sudden I started to climax. His face went from fun to scared when I started to tighten up and lift my butt off the ground. I know my face must have taken on a scary look and my dick stared to expand ready to shoot. He stopped moving and I growled at him not to stop. This caused him to suck up and down even faster I'm sure afraid I was about to get mad at him. My teenage cum started to blast out into his mouth. I'm sure the first shot went right down his throat. I heard a high pitch grown come from around my dick and he was about to pull off but decided against it. I felt him gage again and he moved up my dick holding still and I finished an second later. Tears was pouring down his cheek and he was sobbing around my dick . I knew he wanted to pull off but was afraid to. A moment later my climax was over and I relaxed. My dick throbbed in his mouth for a few moments then I told him I was done and got up off the ground pulling my dick from his mouth as I did. He was still on his hands and knees with his mouth wide open. My cum was dripping out of his mouth and he was gagging and spitting. I went over and washed my dick getting all the spit and little cum that leaked out off my few strands of pubic hair and dick. I started to get dressed and Mike was washing his mouth out in the water next to me. When he saw me start to leave he jerked his pants and underwear on and carried his shoes catching up with me . I stopped long enough for him to put his shoes on telling him to hurry up. I was a little afraid that he might tell but in a way didn't care as long as he left me alone from now on. After he got his shoes on he took my hand and we started to walk home. In his little whinny voice he told me that the stuff I put in him mouth tasted really bad and almost made him throw up. I was still being gruff with him and told him good maybe if he didn't want that to happen again he would leave me alone. We walked a little farther when he hugged me a little closer saying he liked swimming with me and wanted to know if we could go again sometime. He was quite for a moment and said he guess I could put that stuff in his mouth again if he could go with me. At that moment I started to really like my little brother. I lifted him up on my shoulders and carried him home. I never shot my cum in his mouth again, but he did go swimming with me one other time. That story later. Milo. [5]back [6]save Nifty - Gay - Incest - Skinny Dipping With Little Brother - Skinny Dipping With Little Brother 1 (c) 2012 Nifty Archive Alliance References 1. http://m.nifty.org/ 2. http://www.dickdorm.com/main.htm?ad_id=0011192&id=ElectronicGroups 3. http://m.nifty.org/nifty/gay/incest/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother/1 4. http://m.nifty.org/download/nifty/gay/incest/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother-1 5. http://m.nifty.org/nifty/gay/incest/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother/1 6. http://m.nifty.org/download/nifty/gay/incest/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother/skinny-dipping-with-little-brother-1

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