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Link: archives: February 2012 Link: archives: January 2012 Link: archives: December 2011 Link: archives: November 2011 Link: archives: October 2011 Link: archives: September 2011 Link: archives: August 2011 Link: archives: July 2011 Link: archives: June 2011 Link: archives: May 2011 Link: archives: April 2011 Link: archives: March 2011 Link: archives: February 2011 Link: archives: January 2011 Link: archives: December 2010 Link: archives: November 2010 Link: archives: October 2010 Link: archives: September 2010 Kinkybelle's Naughty Spot Sharing the perversion * Blog * About Me * My Stories * Sexography * FAQ * Links My Slutty Valentine Posted February 26, 2012 * Comments(0) What is it about sex in a hotel that makes it so much hotter for me? Maybe it's just doing it somewhere different, or the fact that I don't have to worry about cleaning any messes that get on the sheets! Don took me into the city last week for my Valentine's Day present. We had a nice dinner and stayed over in a swanky hotel. We were on the fourth floor, which was high enough that I could leave the curtain open without everyone being able to see in, but also allowed for the possibility that someone in another building might be able to get a show. As soon as we got back to the room I was naked. Don headed into the shower - which I knew meant he'd be wanting me to play with his ass that night. The cheeky little monkey. While he was in there, as a goof I ordered up a way-too-expensive porn video on the TV so it could be playing while we fooled around. Another thing that gets me hot about hotel rooms is that I can't help thinking about all the nasty stuff that people who've been in the room before us have done. How many times has some woman gotten her brains fucked silly on the bed I'm about to do the same on? I joined my Valentine in the shower and we got ourselves all worked up. When we got back to the bed he got a kick out of having the porno playing. He gave me some naughty V-day gift: a collection potions and lotions, which are always appreciated, and a funny new device. Actually, Katie was the one who ordered it for him to give to me. It was a vibrating cock ring. It was a bit cumbersome, but once we got it figured out it was rather wicked! First, I used his dick like a regular vibrator and rubbed his cockhead against my clit. The vibration wasn't as sharp as a plastic or rubber vibe, so it took a little longer but it got the job done. After that he fucked me with his buzzing cock. It was very strange, but I ended up loving it. I don't think it did much for him, but it was a present for me after all. Although I'm sure that my innocent little Katie-bear wasn't being entirely altruistic when she ordered this little number for her daddy as I suspect she'll be making good use of it the next time she cums to visit. Don surprised me again when he revealed that he'd packed one of my strap-ons. I happily got myself harnessed in, gave his cute little butthole a thorough tongue bath, then lubed him up and made sweet love to his hairy man pussy. We started with me doing him from behind, but I like it better when I can take him while he's on his back. I get to see the pleasure on his face, and I love being able to watch his cock and balls jiggle around while I fuck him. By the time I let him cum he was so charged up that the first spurt hit him under the chin! What a lovely sight that is. It's a good thing I was there to lick it up for him. We took a breather after that and cuddled up to watch the porn for a bit. It wasn't long before I was fingering myself. Don soon took over and played with my drenched pussy while he sucked my nipples, then he went down on me and got me to cum in no time flat. He returned the favor and licked my asshole while I held my cheeks open for him. A brief make-out session followed. He knows how much I enjoy kissing him when his lips taste like my pussy. After that I told him I wanted him to jerk off for me. I had him go stand by the window and stroke his cock. I slipped into my strap-on, and watched him from the bed and jacked off my own cock. This blew his mind a little. He'd never seen this trick of mine, and I hadn't ever told him how I sometimes get myself off that way. The two of us beat off our hard dicks and he came first. When I saw the stream of jizz spill out of his cock all over the carpet it made me crazy hot. I whacked off like mad and had the biggest orgasm of the night. Once I recovered my senses, I turned off the light and joined Don by the window. He turned me around and put me up against the glass like I was a perp about be frisked. His cock wasn't at full strength, but it remained plenty hard enough to slip into my pussy from behind. With my fake dong bouncing every which way, he pounded me from behind to another fantastic climax. I loved being up against the cold glass and knowing that someone might be watching. Don unfastened my harness and took me back to the bed. The movie was over by that point. I sucked on his soft cock, cleaning off all the sticky juices. I kissed and sucked gently on his nipples as I lovingly fondled his balls. For a long while we quietly touched and caressed, feeling completely relaxed and contented. I don't remember falling asleep, but I do remember being woken up some time later by Don's cock sliding into me once again. There's something oddly arousing about sleep sex. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and drifted in that dreamy state as he slowly made love to me. When my orgasm came, it was long and deep. Moments later my man was emptying yet another load of warm cum inside me. Perfect joy. I'm thinking that next time Katie is around that we need to get ourselves a room and see what happens. Sneak Peak Posted February 19, 2012 * Comments(6) Last weekend Don and I went to the movies to see "Safe House" (I didn't like it at all), and during the pre-show ads there was one for the theater chain that was advertising a "sneak peak" of an upcoming movie. I about lost it when I noticed they had used the wrong spelling of `peek.' I spotted the mistake and I wasn't even really paying attention - how did it get past who knows how many people to end up on-screen in front of thousands of customers? Yeah, I'm still not quite over the trauma of it all...LOL! Anyway, I thought maybe I'd give you a sneak PEEK of the story I'm working on now to wet your appetite. (And a gold star for you if you noticed I used the wrong spelling of `whet' just then.) * * * * * Untitled Mother/Son By Kinkybelle I got home from school and heard my mom laughing. The way she'd been acting lately this was pretty unusual. As I headed toward the living room to see what was up I had no clue just how unusual my life was about to get. When I turned the corner and saw my mom on the couch I got the strangest feeling - like my whole body suddenly went numb, except for a weird tingling in my balls. She was totally naked, her legs spread wide apart, feet in the air, and she was pulling her pussy lips apart so much that I could see right into her hole. It took me a second to realize there was someone else there. A naked guy was kneeling down and pointing a camera at my mom's gaping snatch. And this guy was definitely not my dad. The flash went off and Mom laughed again just the way I'd heard when I first came in. My mind was doing spins, and my body was locked in place. I should have been thinking about getting the hell out of there, or at least getting out of sight, but the only thing dominating my brain was that I standing there actually seeing my own mother full-on naked for the first time in my life. "Let's get some shots of you with my cock in your mouth," the guy said. "Mmm, I thought you'd never ask." My mom's voice was all seductive and playful in a way I hadn't ever heard before. The guy stood up. He seemed like about the same age as my parents, had thinning ginger hair, and was on the pudgy side. This didn't make any sense at all. Mom put her legs down, slid off the couch and got onto her knees in front of the guy. I couldn't see because the guy's butt was facing toward me, but I heard the sucking sounds of my mother giving this stranger a blowjob. I wanted to be disgusted by it all but I was too distracted by my mom's big boobs swaying slightly as she worked his dick with her mouth. Growing up, there was no way for me to avoid noticing that my mom had big knockers, but I had no idea she had such huge nipples. I swear they were the size of baloney slices! There was a new sound all of the sudden. I realized a too late that it was coming from my backpack. Ice water ran down my spine when I saw my mom look around the guy and spot me standing there trying to make my phone shut up. The look of instant horror on her face was almost painful to see.. "You're supposed to be at soccer practice!" she screamed as she tried to cover her boobs and pussy. By the time I got my stupid phone shut off she was already running out of the room. Even in my panicked state I couldn't help noticing the way her butt jiggled as she ran off. The guy watched her go and his shoulders slumped. He knew his fun was over for the afternoon. He turned to me with a half-smile and shrugged. I probably should've punched him in the nose or something, but I just stood there like an idiot. He went over to where his pants were and took something out of his wallet. Was he going to try to pay me off or something? He came toward me, his pale cock still stiff and shining wetly from having been in my mom's mouth. There was some kind of black leather ring around the base of it that made his balls sick out in a tight bulge. He reached over and handed me a business card. "I have a web site." He winked in a way that gave me the creeps. "Check it out if you like MILFs." The guy backed away, then began pulling on his pants. "I should have today's updates done by around ten o'clock tonight if you're interested." He nodded in the direction that my mom went in case I missed his meaning. It was about then that I finally got some amount of control over myself. "Fuck you, asshole," I said and screwed out of there as quick as I could. I was half a mile from my house before I even noticed where I was. I couldn't think straight to save my life. The shock of it all made it so I didn't know if I was angry, or grossed out, or excited. And I knew that excited shouldn't even be on the list of possible things. But the problem was that I couldn't stop picturing my mom there all naked with her legs spread wide, and how happy she looked doing it. You couldn't exactly say she's been depressed lately, but she sure wasn't her old self. Mom was generally an upbeat person and always used to like to do fun stuff with me and my little sister Becca. I don't know when things started changing - maybe more than a year ago. She still takes care of the house and all of us pretty good, but she's mostly just kind of `blah' about it. I never thought in a million years she would cheat on Dad. Especially with a douchebag like that guy! I couldn't make any sense out of it. I just kept walking and going nowhere. It was too unreal. It almost seemed like it didn't really happen. Right there in our friggin' living room. Pussy spread wide open for some pervert with a camera. Those big, beautiful boobs. Me standing right there. A cock in her mouth. She was liking it. She wanted it. I stopped dead when it hit me. My mom was a fucking slut whore. Kiss the Cook Posted February 13, 2012 * Comments(7) A reader made note of the fact that I hadn't written about my son Evan in a while. Having Katie home over the holidays had me pretty distracted by her charms. I thought maybe I would mention one of the memories from when we were fooling around that I conjure up occasionally when I'm playing with myself and thinking of my darling boy. It isn't anything especially wild, but I often get myself off recalling a little encounter in the kitchen one evening while I was getting dinner ready. Evan was nearing the end of his senior year in high school, and he was going steady with a girl so we weren't having sex together at the time. He was in and out of the kitchen a couple times for no real reason. I had too many things going on to really pay much attention. Finally he spoke up. "I was thinking I might go upstairs to jack off and thought you would maybe want to watch me." The way he said it was so cute, and I immediately started getting wet. "I'd love to, honey, but I can't leave the kitchen right now without ruining dinner." He tried not to look disappointed, as he shrugged and turned to leave. "Hold on," I said quickly, "Dad and Katie won't be home for another 15 or 20 minutes so you can go ahead and do it right here if you want." "Jack off here in the kitchen?" he scoffed. "Why not? I do it all the time," I informed him with a smirk. "We won't be able to do it later with your sister home, so it's up to you, sweetheart." I stirred the cheese sauce bubbling on the stove, hoping he would go through with it. After some hesitation he said, "Okay, I guess." His words made my pussy clench with anticipation. He looked around unsure. "Should I do it sitting at the table, or lay down on the floor or something?" "Whatever you want." I put a pot of water on to boil. When that was set I turned around and he was standing in the same spot with his cock out. He was already semi-erect and within a dozen strokes he was fully hard. "Mmm, there's my boy," I said with a wink. He looked up and grinned. Evan stood there, moving his hand slowly up and down his shaft. He was watching me watching him. Despite his shyness, he loved showing himself off to me - and he knew how much I liked playing the voyeur. With his free hand he pushed his pants down off his hips, freeing his balls (much to my delight). I watched them bounce in rhythm to his quickening pace. Without taking my eyes off my masturbating son, I went to the freezer and got a bag of frozen peas out. I couldn't help wondering if Betty Crocker would ever allow her son to beat off in the kitchen while she was preparing dinner for her family. "This seems so weird," he chuckled and fondled his balls as he stroked. "It's making cooking a lot more fun for me!" I opened the bag of peas and poured them in the hot water, then turned my attention right back to the show. "How about if I provide a little more inspiration?" I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse and pulled it open exposing my bra. I squeezed my breasts, then pulled each of my tits out of the cups one at a time. I tugged on my hard nipples and they grew even longer. I wanted to drop my pants and join him, but I had to be able to put myself back together quickly in case Don and Katie got home sooner than expected. "Oh, yeah..." Evan sighed and began beating off a little faster. The look of agonized desire on his face was precious. I kept one eye on the stovetop and the other on my son's cock as I played with my tits and nipples for him. The timer on the oven went off. "Keep going," I told him, "Mommy's watching." I put on my mitts and retrieved the roast from the oven, bending over so that he could get a good look at my ass, while being careful not to burn my vulnerable nips in the process. "God, Mom, I want to fuck you so bad right now." It was silly how hearing that made my heart go pitter-patter, but it did. I knew it was important to him that he remain `faithful' to his girlfriend, but I couldn't help turning the screws a bit. "I like the sound of that." I rubbed my crotch to accentuate my words. "I miss having you inside me. Would your girlfriend really mind that much if you put your cock in your mom's wet, horny pussy." His tortured expression would have broken my heart if wasn't secretly wishing he would give up his `one pussy at a time' policy and do me right there on the kitchen floor. He was really going to town on himself, however, and the fleshy sound of his hand smacking against his balls was loud and clear. "Fuck, Mom...I'm gonna cum!" "Go ahead, baby, cum for me. Let me see you squirt a big load." I realized he was about to spew all over the floor and hurried over to him. I cupped both hands under the head of his penis. His eyes were fixed on my tits, now almost close enough for him to get his mouth onto them. "That's is, sweetie, jerk off for Mommy. Give me all that cum." "I...I'm...Oh, geez!" He moaned and several jets of warm semen shot out into the palms of my hands. It was a beautiful thing to see all that pearly goo issuing from my boy's cock with such force. The smell of his sex mingled with the aromas of my cooking and made for an interesting combination. He milked a few more dribbles into my hands then relaxed. Without thinking I leaned down and licked the tip of his cock. That one taste wasn't enough, and I sucked the head of his penis into my mouth. I was able to draw out a few more last remaining drops of cum. I wanted to take him all the way into my mouth, but he pulled away. "I think I hear Dad's car," he whispered as if he was afraid they might hear him. I heard the automatic garage door opener kick on and I knew our fun had to come to a quick end. "Pull your pants up!" I ran and cleaned Evan's cum off of my hands with a paper towel. I contemplated licking my hands clean, but I didn't want to have cum on my breath when my daughter came running in to give me a hug. I tucked my tits back into my bra, and was doing up the last button of my blouse when Don and Katie came through the door. I usually cum when I get to the part of the memory when he fills my hand with his sperm. If, for some reason, I don't get off by that point I let the memory become fantasy. My quick suck becomes a full blown hummer. Me and Evan are too wrapped up in what we're doing to hear the car pulling into the garage. My husband and daughter walk in and catch me sucking my boy's hard cock. I'm too into it to stop and I keep going. Don tries to cover Katie's innocent eyes, but she pulls his hands away and watches in stunned amazement. It doesn't take long before I need more. I pull down my pants, get on all fours and present myself to Evan. He shoves his cock into my dripping pussy and begins fucking me hard while his father and little sister look on. Nine times out of ten I've made myself cum by this time. If not, I envision Don pulling out his cock and jerking off right in front of young Katie. She is entranced by all this strange new behavior from her family and can't resist reaching out and feeling her daddy's balls with her little hand. I've never make it beyond that before I orgasm with a mind scrambling climax. Next Page >> _____________________ [ Find ] Send me an e-mail kinkybelle@live.com What's Getting Me Off side066_1.jpg This one is pretty crude, but there are a lot of things going on here that I love, starting with the skanky little Asian whore. I'm a big fan of her small tits, and the way she squats on the desk to finger herself. I like how she swallows all those big cocks. It gives me a perverse charge to see the guys stroking themselves as they wait their turn. Two cocks in the mouth at the same time drives me wild (it makes me think of the one time I did that with my husband and son). And, of course, all that cum shooting into her mouth must have been absolutely delish! I have to admit that I'm a tad bit jealous of her... Archives * February 2012 * January 2012 * December 2011 * November 2011 * October 2011 * September 2011 * August 2011 * July 2011 * June 2011 * May 2011 * April 2011 * March 2011 * February 2011 * January 2011 * December 2010 * November 2010 * October 2010 * September 2010 Categories * Announcement * Blog Stuff * Experiences * Fantasy * Incest * Lesbian * Masturbation * Random * True * Writing Recent Comments * TXtabber on She Bop * anton on Sneak Peak * Purplehelmet on Links * Jay on Sexography * J on Sneak Peak Techie Stuff * Login * Entries RSS * Comments RSS * WordPress.org powered by WordPress & designed by Stephen Reinhardt.

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