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#[1]Globe IT US Feed [2]Globe IT US Comments Feed [3]Globe IT US STEVENSON vs BADOU JACK live stream - Globe IT US Comments Feed [4]alternate [5]alternate Wednesday, May 16, 2018 [6]Globe IT US Your confidence * [7]Live Sports + [8]MLB + [9]UFC + [10]WWE + [11]Boxing + [12]NBA * [13]Movie * [14]E-Book * [15]TV Show * [16]Download * [17]Contuct US Search for: ____________________ (BUTTON) Search [18]Home [19]2018 [20]May [21]15 STEVENSON vs BADOU JACK live stream - Globe IT US [22]May 15, 2018 - [23]Boxing STEVENSON vs BADOU JACK live stream - Globe IT US TORONTO -- Undefeated knockout artist Adonis Stevenson, the longest reigning light heavyweight world champion, will defend his title against two-division champion Badou Jack on [24]Saturday, May 19 live on [25]GLOBE IT US from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions. The showdown between Stevenson and Jack is one of the most intriguing matches in the light heavyweight division as Jack, a former 168-pound and 175-pound champion, has relinquished his title for the chance to challenge one of the hardest hitters in the sport. Both men are looking to make their claim as the class of the division. Stevenson vs. Jack is part of a split-site [26]GLOBE IT US CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT with featherweight champion Gary Russell, Jr. defending his title against mandatory title challenger Joseph Diaz from the MGM National Harbor in Maryland on Saturday, May 19. Tickets for the Toronto show, which is promoted by Groupe Yvon Michel, Lee Baxter Promotions and Mayweather Promotions, are on sale Friday, April 27 and will be available at [27]http://globeitus.com. "It is the second time that we will come to Toronto to promote a WBC world championship fight with Adonis Stevenson," said Yvon Michel, President of Groupe Yvon Michel. "If you found the first event to be spectacular, be sure not to miss the second one as it will be a real firework! Badou Jack is a two-division world champion and an Olympian. He is dangerous and by far the biggest challenge for Adonis since he won the title against Chad Dawson in 2013. We are confident that `Superman' has what it takes to defend his title successfully for the ninth time. "[28]I would also like to give thanks to our co-promoter Lee Baxter. This event would not have been possible without his collaboration. In addition, I am grateful for Lee and Wayne Zronik from MLSE, who are providing great support for this event and has opened the doors of the Air Canada Centre to us." "Mayweather Promotions is looking forward to partnering with Groupe Yvon Michel to pull off this highly anticipated matchup," said Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions. "Adonis Stevenson has been a reigning champion in this division since 2013. Badou Jack has risen to every challenge he's faced in his career. Now, he has an opportunity to become a three-time world champion and that raises the stakes for him. I predict two confident, hard-punching and highly skilled fighters will enter the ring at Air Canada Centre on May 19, both determined to walk away a champion." "We are looking forward to hosting this spectacular event at Air Canada Centre," said Wayne Zronik, Senior Vice President, Music and Live Events at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. "It is the first title fight that the venue will host. We've worked with this group before to bring world class boxing to the city and are excited for the return of championship boxing to Toronto, and to Air Canada Centre in particular." 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