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#[1]F-Droid Forum Search [2]RSS feed of 'Use Battery charge limit without root setup possible' [3]F-Droid Forum [4]Use Battery charge limit without root setup possible [5]Apps _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [6]Superman 2017-12-01 18:13:12 UTC #1 Hi F-Droid Fans, I'm new in the F-Droid World. Thanks for creating apps beside the Google monoply. I'd like to use the app "battery charge limit". But this app only runs with a root setup. Is there any option, to use that (or an similiar app) without root setup? Thanks for your answers _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [7]conbold 2018-03-18 23:40:52 UTC #2 I'm sorry, but so far, you can only use it with root. It should be possible to integrate this app into LineageOS settings; but this would need some work that nobody has done so far. If you have the time and knowledge, maybe you can do that? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [8]system 2018-05-17 23:40:52 UTC #3 This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [9]Home [10]Categories [11]FAQ/Guidelines [12]Terms of Service [13]Privacy Policy Powered by [14]Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled References 1. https://forum.f-droid.org/opensearch.xml 2. https://forum.f-droid.org/t/use-battery-charge-limit-without-root-setup-possible/1659.rss 3. https://forum.f-droid.org/ 4. https://forum.f-droid.org/t/use-battery-charge-limit-without-root-setup-possible/1659 5. https://forum.f-droid.org/c/apps 6. https://forum.f-droid.org/u/Superman 7. https://forum.f-droid.org/u/conbold 8. https://forum.f-droid.org/u/system 9. https://forum.f-droid.org/ 10. https://forum.f-droid.org/categories 11. https://forum.f-droid.org/guidelines 12. https://forum.f-droid.org/tos 13. https://forum.f-droid.org/privacy 14. https://www.discourse.org/

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