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IFRAME: [1]https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-NRLBC4X [2]. [LINK] * [3]MAVIC * [4]SPARK * [5]PHANTOM * [6]INSPIRE * [7]OSMO * [8]TUTORIAL * MORE ... [9]ACCESSORIES [10]RONIN [11]PRO SYSTEMS [12]TELLO [13]SERVICE [14]REGIONAL [15]EVENTS * [16]. [LINK] ____________________ [17][LINK] * Mavic Pro * Phantom 4 Pro * Inspire 2 * firmware * shipping * update * tips * calibration * Osmo * Mobile [18]Login [19]Register Can Osmo Mobile support 210g weight? [20]Home / [21]OSMO 4539 7 2017-8-16 Uploading and Loding Picture ...(0/1) o(^-^)o [22]LOOPDJI Offline [23]See details [24][LINK] LOOPDJI [INLINE] lvl.1 * [25]+ Add Friend [26]Person Message Malaysia Offline [27]1^# [INLINE] IMG_9064.jpg (0 Bytes, Down times: 0) [28]Download attach 2017-8-16 Upload Hi Guys i got my new Osmo Mobile today and i'm super excited to use it with my iPhone 6s and GoPro Hero 4. I also gotten my self a PGYTECH adapter for gopro. The adapter is metal and is quite heavy, i weighted it and as you can see its precisely 210g. I saw a lot of people posting on youtube that they have no problem using it with Osmo Mobile, but I am still pretty concern whether it will break the motors in a long run. Therefore , i am here asking for the maximum weight that Osmo Mobile can support without stressing the motors ? Thank you in advance. Best Regards Ryan. [29]Twitter [30]Facebook [31]Favorite [32]Like 2017-8-16 [33]Use props [34]DJI Mindy Offline [35]See details [36][LINK] DJI Mindy [INLINE] Administrator [37]+ Add Friend [38]Person Message Offline [39]2^# GoPro is too heavy for Osmo Mobile, we don't suggest to mount any other cameras except smartphones. The balance of the gimbal may be affected. Thanks for your understanding. 2017-8-17 [40]Use props [41]ifonline Offline [42]See details [43][LINK] ifonline [INLINE] lvl.2 * * [44]+ Add Friend [45]Person Message United States Offline [46]3^# No one at DJI seems willing to identify the max payload in grams for the OSMO Mobile/Zenmuse M1. Would someone please make that identification? It can really help make informed decisions. Thanks. 2017-8-17 [47]Use props [48]ifonline Offline [49]See details [50][LINK] ifonline [INLINE] lvl.2 * * [51]+ Add Friend [52]Person Message United States Offline [53]4^# For example, my iPhone 7 Plus with its film screen protector and super-slim case weighs in at 195 grams. I have had issues with an OSMO Mobile, a Zenmuse M1, and now a second OSMO Mobile. My gut tells me that the max payload is 200 grams, so 195 is too close to the max and is causing balance and performance issues. Am I wrong? 2017-8-17 [54]Use props [55]yelenavik Offline [56]See details [57][LINK] yelenavik [INLINE] lvl.2 [58]+ Add Friend [59]Person Message United States Offline [60]5^# [61]ifonline Posted at 2017-8-17 07:37 For example, my iPhone 7 Plus with its film screen protector and super-slim case weighs in at 195 grams. I have had issues with an OSMO Mobile, a Zenmuse M1, and now a second OSMO Mobile. My gut tells me that the max payload is 200 grams, so 195 is too close to the max and is causing balance and performance issues. Am I wrong? my Iphone 7plus vs case has 211g,no overheating.So I use action camera YI 4k+ vs vinil case and adapter total 210g no overheating ,work good 2017-8-17 [62]Use props [63]LOOPDELOOP Offline [64]See details [65][LINK] LOOPDELOOP [INLINE] lvl.1 * [66]+ Add Friend [67]Person Message Malaysia Offline [68]6^# Yes, I did contacted support and the DJI staff took 5 minutes to get back to me with the maximum width/height it can support, not the weight. Seems like there's no confirmed technical information regarding this. Maybe if there's a dji technician here that could give us the answer that will be great ! @ifonline can I know what are the faulty symptoms of your previous Osmo Mobile. 2017-8-17 [69]Use props [70]ifonline Offline [71]See details [72][LINK] ifonline [INLINE] lvl.2 * * [73]+ Add Friend [74]Person Message United States Offline [75]7^# Shuddering and difficulty keeping the horizon under movement are the two issues I have experienced with my first OSMO Mobile and now my second. I can only compare that performance to a competing gimbal I have that has a 260 gram payload. I can whip that thing around all day long and the iPhone holds its horizon without issue. So yeah, I feel like it's clear that the OSMO Mobile has weaker motors and I believe that a payload of 200 grams or more is pushing the abilities of the gimbal too far. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's why I have asked for confirmation of max payload. I'd like to know. The Zenmuse M1 lasted about three days before it started grinding, shuddering, and going limp. Related to payload weight? I have no idea, but my track record of reliability with these things isn't leaving me feeling good. The other big complaint I have with the OSMO Mobile/Zenmuse M1 is that its range is way too limited. My other gimbal has a 360 degree pan and +/- 320 degree tilt and roll. That means that I can freely move the handle is just about any direction without hitting a stop. The OSMO Mobile, not so much. 2017-8-18 [76]Use props [77]fans38201e1a Offline [78]See details [79][LINK] fans38201e1a [INLINE] lvl.1 Flight distance : 1429 * * [80]+ Add Friend [81]Person Message Australia Offline [82]8^# It can. I use OSMO mobile with my GoPro 5. PGYTECH adaptor is awesome 2017-9-25 [83]Use props [84]Advanced [85]Bold [86]Text Color Upload [87]Picture [88]Add Link [89]Emoticon You need to log in before you can reply [90]Login | [91]Register now [92]Credit Rules (replysubmit) [ ] Jump to the last page [93][LINK] [94][LINK] [INLINE] * [95]MOBILE VERSION * | * [96]DJI.COM * | * [97]DJI Store * | * [98]Buying Guides * | * [99]Support * | * [100]Top * Copyright 2018 DJI All Rights Reserved. * [101]Forum Rules References 1. https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-NRLBC4X 2. https://forum.dji.com/./ 3. https://forum.dji.com/forum-104-1.html 4. https://forum.dji.com/forum-115-1.html 5. https://forum.dji.com/forum-68-1.html 6. https://forum.dji.com/forum-61-1.html 7. https://forum.dji.com/forum-91-1.html 8. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=125 9. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=118 10. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=121 11. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=90 12. https://forum.dji.com/forum-127-1.html 13. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=79&filter=author&orderby=dateline 14. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=96 15. https://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=123 16. javascript:; 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