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#[1]Calgary Arts Development » Feed [2]Calgary Arts Development » Comments Feed [3]alternate [4]alternate Calgary Arts Development [5]A creative, connected Calgary through the arts. [6]Navigation * [7]Investment Programs * [8]What’s On In Calgary * [9]Living a Creative Life * [10]Resources & Spaces * [11]Classifieds * [12]Investment Programs * [13]What’s On In Calgary * [14]Living a Creative Life * [15]Resources & Spaces * [16]Classifieds * [17]About * [18]Contact * [19]Grant Login ____________________ Banner image Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Natasha Korney | Photo: Jason Stang [20]What’s On In Calgary Stay up to date with arts and culture events throughout the year [21]Visual Art [22]Architecture and National Identity: The Centennial Projects 50 Years On May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017 [23]Exhibitions May 2017 May is filled with tons of great visual arts exhibitions but where this month really shines is in its additional programming. It’s a great time to head to Calgary’s museums. [24]Share [25]Contest [26]Photo of Mike Farris performing May 22, 2017 [27]Win Tickets to Mike Farris Trio Following two successful appearances at the Canmore Folk Music Festival, Mike Farris brings his trio to play an intimate and stripped down show in Calgary. Enter for your chance to win tickets. [28]Share [29]Contest [30]Painting of a man pointing at a map May 21, 2017 [31]Win Tickets to Storytellers Featuring the winner of Kensington Sinfonia’s 7th Annual Student Concerto Competition and a lineup of of eclectic music, this quirky concert is sure to be a hit. Enter for your chance to win tickets. [32]Share [33]Living a Creative Life Fuelling a vital, prosperous and connected city [34]The Storytelling Project [35]Photo of Ari Agha May 09, 2017 [36]Ari Agha It’s a massive adjustment to transition away from the gender you were assigned at birth. But for a lifelong choir member, their voice must also transition. [37]Share [38]Creative Calgary Congress [39]Cowboy Smithx at the Creative Calgary Congress May 08, 2017 [40]The Artists  Cowboy Smithx and Rio Mitchell share their knowledge on storytelling and story-listening at the Creative Calgary Congress. [41]Share [42]The Storytelling Project [43]Photo of Noni Doig May 03, 2017 [44]Noni Doig Nature loving, soap making, natural skin care enthusiast Noni Doig’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered an surprising passion. [45]Share [46]Load More [47]Arts in Action YYC Logo Arts in Action YYC captures stories and data about how arts build a city. Read and share at [48]artsaction.ca. [49]SpaceFinder Alberta Announcement SpaceFinder links organizations with space to rent with those who need space. [50]Learn more. Announcements May 09, 2017 [51]Equity & Diversity Reporting Information Sessions Calgary Arts Development is hosting a series of monthly community consultations, providing step-by-step instructions on reporting and individualized supports. [52]Share [53]Learn More & RSVP May 03, 2017 [54]Project Grant Program Calgary Arts Development is pleased to announce a new Project Grant Program for 2017. The application process will be open as of Monday, May 15, 2017 through our online grant interface. [55]Share [56]Learn More May 01, 2017 [57]Share Your Best Images Did you receive funding from Calgary Arts Development in 2016? If so, we want to see your best images. [58]Share [59]Learn More Sitemap * Home * [60]About * [61]Resources & Spaces * [62]Contact * [63]Find Your Space at SpaceFinder Alberta * [64]Investment Programs * [65]What’s On In Calgary * [66]Classified Ads * [67]Announcements SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST TO RECEIVE REGULAR UPDATES ____________________ SUBMIT ____________________ Contact Us Main: [68]403.264.5330 Fax: [69]403.262.9644 Community Investment: [70]403.476.2031 Suite #501, 237 8th Ave. SE Calgary AB T2G 5C3 [71]instagram logo [72]twitter logo [73]facebook logo #yyclcl [74]A creative, connected Calgary through the arts. ©2017 Calgary Arts Development Site design by [75]GOOD Company References 1. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/feed/ 2. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/comments/feed/ 3. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ 4. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/&format=xml 5. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ 6. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ 7. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/programs/ 8. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/ 9. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/living-a-creative-life/ 10. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/resources/ 11. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/classifieds/ 12. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/programs/ 13. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/ 14. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/living-a-creative-life/ 15. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/resources/ 16. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/classifieds/ 17. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/about/ 18. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/contact/ 19. https://www.grantinterface.com/Common/LogOn.aspx?eqs=fiaADTHDZebX7r7HyYkQUJ5g0BN5DsjD6InKegxch-A1 20. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/ 21. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/event_category/visual-art/ 22. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/exhibitions-may-2017/ 23. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/exhibitions-may-2017/ 24. https://www.addtoany.com/share 25. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/event_category/contest/ 26. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/win-tickets-mike-farris-trio/ 27. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/win-tickets-mike-farris-trio/ 28. https://www.addtoany.com/share 29. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/event_category/contest/ 30. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/win-tickets-storytellers/ 31. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/win-tickets-storytellers/ 32. https://www.addtoany.com/share 33. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/living-a-creative-life/ 34. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/category/the-storytelling-project/ 35. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ari-agha/ 36. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ari-agha/ 37. https://www.addtoany.com/share 38. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/category/creative-calgary-congress/ 39. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/artists - cowboy-smithx-rio-mitchell/ 40. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/artists - cowboy-smithx-rio-mitchell/ 41. https://www.addtoany.com/share 42. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/category/the-storytelling-project/ 43. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/noni-doig/ 44. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/noni-doig/ 45. https://www.addtoany.com/share 46. javascript:void(0); 47. http://artsaction.ca/ 48. http://artsaction.ca/ 49. http://spacefinderalberta.org/ 50. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/resources/spaces/spacefinder-alberta/ 51. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/equity-diversity-reporting-information-session-may15/ 52. https://www.addtoany.com/share 53. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/equity-diversity-reporting-information-session-may15/ 54. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/project-grant-program/ 55. https://www.addtoany.com/share 56. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/project-grant-program/ 57. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/share-best-images-2016/ 58. https://www.addtoany.com/share 59. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/share-best-images-2016/ 60. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/about/ 61. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/resources/ 62. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/contact/ 63. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/spacefinder-alberta/ 64. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/programs/ 65. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/events/ 66. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/classifieds/ 67. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/announcements/ 68. tel:403-264-5330 69. tel:403-262-9644 70. tel:403-476-2031 71. https://www.instagram.com/calgaryartsdev 72. https://twitter.com/CalgaryArtsDev 73. https://www.facebook.com/calgaryartsdevelopment 74. http://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/ 75. http://www.good-company.ca/

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